TEK tip: The best smartphones under 200 euros

TEK tip: The best smartphones under 200 euros

One of the most desirable fruits of today is the smartphone. Fantastic photos and videos, luxury design, top performance, payments, state-of-the-art security systems.

These devices only have a price problem. Not all users have the ability to invest 700, 800 or more than 1,000 euros in a smartphone, and as such they have to settle for the most affordable models. It is true that a smartphone below 200 euros cannot offer the same innovative technology as more expensive equipment, but the truth is that it can do practically everything that the big ones do.

The technological evolution is so fast, that these cheaper smartphones end up being equipped with very current and efficient technologies and solutions. Low price does not mean outdated technology or bad product. On the contrary, these models offer a very attractive price-quality ratio. The quality, speed and extra features can be slightly reduced, compared to what promised by a smartphone of 1000 euros, but they are still great options to buy.

See in the image gallery some of the best smartphones that you can currently buy for less than 200 euros.

Are refurbished smartphones a good option?

I always wanted to have an iPhone or a high-end phone, but don't you have a budget? You can opt for a refurbished smartphone that has been returned to the manufacturer (by the store, dealer or customer), and which are put back on the market for a much more attractive price. This equipment is repaired, if necessary, cleaned and reconfigured with the original software. When they are offered for sale they are 100% operational and many of them are guaranteed.

The big advantage is in the price. A new iPhone 7, for example, which sells for approximately 450 euros, can be purchased for 250 refurbished. Although this equipment was tested before entering stores, it is worth paying attention to some details.

– Whenever possible, opt for equipment with warranty.

– Buy this equipment at the brand's store, or at trusted stores. There are countless spaces on the internet selling refurbished phones, make sure the space has a good reputation.

– Analyze the functionalities and technologies of the phones. Sometimes a 200 euro phone already incorporates the same technology as an old model from a major brand. Check if it makes sense to buy a refurbished iPhone 6, for example, when there are better options at the same price.

How to choose the best smartphone?

The rules for choosing a phone with a more affordable price are exactly the same. If you value photos and video, look for a camera with a better quality lens, to focus on performance and screen, and for calls and internet, check the access technology and autonomy.

Regardless of the option, choose the model that best responds to your requirements and lifestyle, search the model on the internet, compare analysis and prices, and try it out if possible. It is important to take into account that the size and resolution of the screen influence the autonomy, that the quality of the cameras is not measured only by megapixels, and that the processing capacity is important for those who favor speed.