TeK suggestion – Be a magazine cover for a day!

Everyone is entitled to his five minutes of fame. The phrase is more than popular and we will not even discuss whether or not it is fair. What we want is to contribute so that you have yours, facilitating access to services that can allow it.

Have you ever thought about the face of your friends if they knew from Time that you just inherited a castle in Scotland, or from Vogue that was chosen for a photo shoot because Jean Paul Gaultier can’t forget that smile of yours. Anyway, the possibilities are endless and can serve both to deceive or play with those who are close, as well as surprise them with a different offer.

The services that allow you to personalize magazine covers are expanding on the Internet and free of charge or at an associated cost appeal to those who like different ideas.

We start by proposing a visit to MagMyPic. Free of charge, the service makes available to the user the possibility of using titles such as Time Magazine, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, among others as a background. The final result can be saved on the PC or sent as a post to a universe extended service online, where are the main social networks.


In style

In the same vein, Fake Magazine is also an alternative. In this case, the offer also includes the possibility of appearing on the cover of the main international magazines (Time, People, NewsWeek, Vogue) for one day, but the result is sent by email and costs 6 dollars. It has the advantage of allowing text personalization up to a maximum of 3 optional cover highlights.

Fame that can be proved

If you are willing to pay you can also use Your Cover. This service guarantees not only the total customization of the page in terms of text and image, but also a physical proof of its famous status. The final work is delivered to the home of the pseudo-famous or the person to surprise. The indicative price is $ 50, but increases for deliveries outside the United States. Your Cover has a set of themes such as wedding, christening, Mother’s Day and other events that allow you to adapt the cover to the exact situation you want to highlight. It also allows you to set a specific date.


Without forgetting that in Portugal you can also have access to a service of this type for 40 euros, through A Vida è Bela, we move on to two more more comprehensive suggestions within the scope they propose.

FunOnIt, free to use, accumulates the possibility of creating your own magazine cover, with the possibility of manipulating a photo or an emoticon. In the case of the photo, it is possible to add personalized messages to a varied set of images that portray various types of situations.

Face in Hole uses the same logic of image manipulation, but in this case applied to famous portraits or paintings that, as the name implies, have a hole in the face, where a photo chosen by the service user fits. Before making a decision, it allows you to easily do various experiments.