TeK suggestion: 10 proposals to offer the best gift on Father's Day

20, 40 or 80.

No matter how old the father is, a technological gift will make the day even more special.

When we talk about technology we tend to think of computers, tablets and mobile phones, but the truth is that these are just popular products.

Technology is, in fact, everywhere today.

Therefore, it does not matter whether the father is older, more adventurous, more reserved or more executive.

You will easily be able to find a technological solution tailored to your tastes, needs or goals.

Doesn't the father like or understand anything about technology? You don't have to understand.

The technology created to make personal and professional life simpler, fun, efficient, pleasant and comfortable.

Whether in a physical store or an online store, look for something that makes this difference.

We leave some suggestions for parents of different ages and profiles in the gallery.

Click on the images for more details.