TEK Storefront: Looking for a computer for online classes? Discover the best notebooks up to 700 euros

If, before the COVID-19 pandemic, computers were already a tool that was on the list of items needed to start the school year well prepared, now they have become essential to be able to access distance classes, from primary school to university.

Online education brought a set of challenges that many families were not prepared to deal with, such as the fact that the computers they have at home are not fully prepared for the demands of the new normal. In some cases, the equipment ends up being shared between siblings or even between parents and children, which can have a negative impact on the performance of the computer or even in terms of computer security.

Making an investment in a new laptop may be a more suitable option. But, given the variety of equipment available on the market, what to choose? Thinking about who is already preparing the purchase of equipment for the next school year or, who wants to upgrade the computer they have at home, SAPO TEK has put together some proposals with prices up to 700 euros.

What should you look for in a new laptop for school?

Before making an investment, you must first understand what are the specific needs that the equipment has to meet. The choice of model and configuration will depend on the degree of demand of the tasks to be performed.

The computers that we suggest in this article meet the necessary conditions for a more "modest" use, guaranteeing an acceptable performance when it comes to carrying out online tasks, including access to distance classes, creating documents, and supporting essential programs.

The situations in which it is necessary to install and use more demanding software from the point of view of resources on a daily basis will mean that the laptop to be selected has to be better equipped inside, which causes prices to rise.

For example, if your children are taking more advanced courses in areas such as computer science, it will be better to bet on a higher-end segment and look for equipment with more graphics and processing power and that deals well with programming and web development environments.

When it comes to processors, an Intel Core i3 asserts itself as a more suitable option for those looking for equipment that meets basic requirements. An Intel Core i5 may be ideal for those looking for a balance between performance and cost. Above that, we have already entered the territory of processors for computers oriented towards gamers or for intense daily uses.

RAM memory is another of the important criteria and a standard configuration between 4 to 8 GB manages to guarantee a use adapted to the needs of an ordinary student. When it comes to storage, SSD drives are a good bet, allowing for faster performance.

The presence of USB 3.0 and USB-C ports and readers for memory cards is also an asset in terms of transferring files, for example, from the smartphone or the camera card to the computer.

The size and weight of the equipment are one aspect to be taken into account. It is true that laptops are now mostly used at home, but use outside the home should be taken into account when school returns to normal.

For many families, the price alone is a limitation when it comes to investment, especially when there are several children studying at the same time. So it is worth taking advantage of the promotional campaigns in force at the different retailers. At the time of returning to school, there are several stores that offer advantages in terms of financing and others offer additional equipment, such as a tablet, smartphone or printer, when buying a laptop.