TEK Storefront: Discover the best tablets and laptops at the height of the newest techies in the family

TEK Storefront: Discover the best tablets and laptops at the height of the newest techies in the family

It is true that children start to access technology at an earlier age and, with the transition of classes to the digital world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the newest techies in the family need equipment that is adapted to their needs.

The challenges that online school has brought to older students also apply to those in pre-school or primary school. Sharing equipment between brothers, or even between parents and children, turns out not to be practical. In addition, taking into account the natural curiosity of children, leaving a tablet or a shared laptop in their hands can give rise to incidents: from important files that disappear mysteriously to cartoonish publications on social networks, as well as access to content that is not only absolutely appropriate for your age.

The best option is to invest in new equipment for your children. But what is more suitable: a tablet or a laptop? To help parents, SAPO TEK has put together some proposals for newer devices, with simpler and more practical features, which do not weigh heavily on the wallet.

What should you look for in equipment for the youngest?

Before you buy a new tablet or laptop for your children, you must first understand what the specific needs are that the equipment has to meet, taking into account the age of those who will use them.

If they are still in preschool or starting primary school, tablets may be a better bet. For the youngest, the simplest configuration of the equipment asserts itself as a gateway to the world of technology, without leaving them confused as to its use and allowing them to learn their way.

The older ones already need equipment where they can access online classes but also do online research and write their school work. Thus, a laptop might be the best option.

Since we are talking about a more modest use, far from advanced software, the notebooks we suggest do not have powerful processors or large amounts of RAM or storage, ensuring acceptable performance when it comes to carrying out day-to-day tasks and support for essential programs.

You should also take into account the possibility of some accidents on the way, such as falls. Since tablets and computers are particularly sensitive, betting on a resistant cover is the key to prevention.

Some of the equipment already includes protective covers, made of materials resistant to falls, and you can find a wide variety in establishments that sell electronic equipment, whether physical or online. In addition to protection, the covers appear as a way of personalizing the devices, giving the little ones the chance to give them a look inspired by their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters.

If you are concerned that your children will be able to access applications or content that are not their own, there are some steps you can take. For example, being able to enable parental control in digital stores like Google’s Play Store.

When it comes to browsers, the new version of Microsoft's Edge also offers parental control options. In the Family Safety section, you can create a family group to change settings when children are using the browser, controlling online activities and location and creating a safer experience on the web.