TEK showcase: 10 cases and bags prepared to keep your laptop well protected

Transporting the computer from side to side is already part of the daily routine of thousands of people. Now that more professionals and students have to use laptops and tablets, which sometimes have to be transported to classes or on the way to the office / home, the need to ensure even greater protection.

As a rule, no one spends a lot of time thinking about the risks associated with transporting this type of equipment, and as such, the choice of this type of accessories ends up contemplating only one or two variables: size and aesthetics. Be enough?

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For users the main concern is falls, but the truth is that this equipment is subject to numerous other risks that can compromise its proper functioning. It all depends on the working environment, the route during transport, the means of transport and even the weather.

The student who transports the laptop on the bicycle, the professional who works in the area of ​​civil construction, the executive who travels by plane or the employee who spends his day on the high seas have totally different security and transport needs. A suitcase or purse fully adjusted to the protection and transport needs of each user can literally save the life of your equipment, protect your information and help to monetize your investment.

How to choose the best cover? There are several topics to consider:


Thinner, more robust, made of rubber, filled, waterproof, with rigid or padded structure There are many options on the market. Always remember that risks are not restricted to transport. If you work in a busy, irregular or more dangerous place, there are covers that protect the computers during use.


No matter how small, light and thin, any laptop computer seems to weigh tons after a few hours of transportation. If you carry your equipment for a long time, do the math – in addition to the weight of the laptop, you have to add the weight of the suitcase and the accessories you are going to carry. Look for a light and comfortable model (handles and padded handles).


The bags and covers use the reference of the inches of the screen to indicate the supported laptop size. The tendency is to look for a tailored model that facilitates transport. However, we rarely transport only the computer, including the charger, the mouse, cables, a notebook, pens, among other examples. An overfilled suitcase quickly compromises the physical safety of the equipment. If you are carrying multiple accessories, choose bags with extra bags and compartments.


Backpack, trolley, shoulder bag, sleve. The choice is dependent on different variables: transport, environment, route and preference. If you ride a motorcycle, a reinforced, water-proof and well-padded backpack is the best option, but if you travel frequently and carry several accessories, a trolley can be the best friend on your back. If the transport is carried out within the company, a slip can prevent the laptop from slipping from the hand and protect it from possible impacts, but if you travel daily by train or bus, a more secure and flexible shoulder bag.

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