TeK Competition: Vote for those who (really) need a new monitor

Troubled, damaged or even “dead”, the monitors of TeK readers who participated in the hobby are in some cases real tragedies. The texts, images and videos sent are testimonies of the difficulties faced day by day to use the computer.

Participation in the hobby was enthusiastic and some of the experiences will certainly be shared by many, while others are more unusual or almost ilarizing.

As defined, we will now open space so that all readers can see the approved entries and vote to choose the best five, which will then be evaluated by a jury to define the winner.

Below is the list of participants and their images, videos and texts. Readers can click on the link attached to each thumbnail and follow the pages below to view each of the proposals, organized by date of receipt in the contest email.

Voting is done by selecting the number of comments – in the space dedicated to each of the struggling participants – with the option “I like” or “I don’t like”. The 5 that gather more comments until the next 30th, at 6 pm, will be chosen for the final selection.

Good luck!

List of candidates

  TeK Competition Jorge H. Moniz Ribeiro

  TeK Competition Miguel Frade

  TeK Competition Claudio Pereira

TeK Competition David Gonçalves

  TeK Competition Carmen Garcia

Image name Inês Lopes

TeK Competition João Rodrigues

Image name Rui Pedro

Image name Nuno Soares

Image name Solomon

Image name Diana Amaral

Image name Ana Duarte

Image name André Soares

Image name Tiago Marques

Image name H Miguel Saiote

Image name Ricardo (Video)

Image name Rita Macedo

Image name Nelson Frias Amaral

Image name Joana Guiomar

Image name Carlos Correia (Video)

Image name Reader identified only by email

Image name João Santos (Video)

Image name Reader identified by email

Image name Bruno Costa

Image name Valter Correia

Image name Natalia Batista

Image name Sofia Alexandra Pereira Gomes

Image name Susana Gonçalves

Image name Hugo Silva

Image name m_alt

Image name Silvana

Image name Nuno Miguel Nunes Magarreiro

Image name Tiago Vilhena

Be sure to vote for the best manifestations of creativity (or despair) …