TeK Competition: And the winner is …

Challenged to participate in the TeK and Liscic pastime, TeK readers were not enthralled in showing the problems of their monitors, sending videos, photos and texts that described the problems in detail.

After an animated vote of the best proposals among more than 30 contestants, a final list of five participants was drawn up, which during the last week were analyzed by a jury made up of the TeK team and Liscic.

The winner, unanimously chosen, was the reader Carlos Correia, who produced and made a video to participate in the competition.

Carlos Correia (Video)

We thank all participants for their commitment and courage to tell their story, with difficulties that certainly other TeK readers share, and we wish the “improvements” of the sick equipment, and an adequate recycling for those that no longer work.

If you did not follow this competition, see also the proposals of those selected for the final straight, or take the opportunity to review all entries.

List of selected for the final stage

Jorge H. Moniz Ribeiro

  TeK Competition

Claudio Pereira

  TeK Competition

Joana Guiomar

Image name

Carlos Correia (Video)

Hugo Silva

My monitor is retrograde, it’s from the last century, the image trembles, to color it you need to pat it, when you are tired, turn it off by yourself and it is very small and that’s why I need a brand new one.

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