Teens try to steal iPlace in Brasilia and are caught with about R $ 300,000 worth of goods

According to the website Metropolises two teenagers were caught by the Military Police after stealing around R $ 100,000 R $ 300,000 in store merchandise iPlace located at Shopping Iguatemi, in Lago Norte (in BrasĂ­lia, DF).

According to the police, the crime took place at dawn from the 10th to the 11th of June. The two teenagers arrived at the mall around 9:30 pm on Saturday (10/6) and hid themselves until the stores closed. At dawn, they put the plan into practice. “They went into the pipes, they were cutting the drywall until you get to [sic] store they wanted. They crawled for more than 100 meters to the chosen location, ”explained Lieutenant José Luiz Barbonaglia.

Police car with Apple products on top

The outlaws only forgot one small detail: the store’s alarm went off and the mall’s security guards called the police. According to Barbonaglia, the minors and the products were hidden in a ventilation duct that cuts through the entire structure of the mall. The pair was taken to the Child and Adolescent Police Station (DCA); there was also a third suspect, who managed to escape the police siege and is on the run.

In the police action, all the stolen objects were recovered – among them, 15 notebooks. According to the mall’s advisory, the shopping complex is functioning normally. Iguatemi’s management also said it is collaborating with the authorities investigating the theft that occurred in one of the stores.

tip from Flavio Cesar