“Ted Lasso” gets debut date and 1st official image; “Servant” gets rid of the plagiarism charge

Imagem oficial de Jason Sudeikis como "Ted Lasso"

And here we are with the latest news on the Apple TV +! Shall we go to them?

«Ted Lasso»

We had already talked here about the future comedy series «Ted Lasso», based on the eponymous character played by Jason Sudeikis that gained fame in sports videos from the network NBC. For now Apple has released the first official image of the production and its debut date: August 14, a Friday.

Official image of Jason Sudeikis as

The official synopsis of the series is as follows:

Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, a simple college football coach from Kansas who is hired to coach a professional football team in England – despite having no experience training footballers.

Created by Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence (both also serve as executive producers), “Ted Lasso” is co-produced by Warner Bros. Television and for Universal Television. Promise!

«Servant» process free

Meanwhile, Apple got rid of a process – more specifically, an accusation of plagiarism moved against the company and the director M. Night Shyamalan on account of «Servant».

Premiere of M. Night Shyamalan (center) and cast of «Servant»

If you followed the story, you will possibly remember the context: in action, the filmmaker Francesca Gregorini stated that the story of «Servant» appropriated the plot and cinematic language used by her in her film «The Great Illusion» (“The Truth About Emanuel”, available on Netflix), making it “substantially similar” to the previous production.

Well now, according to the Variety, a United States federal court dismissed the charges. The jury determined that the similarities between the film and the series do not represent plagiarism and that Gregorini would have exacerbated the similar points between the two productions. As the decision stated:

In short, the supposed similarities between the works are nothing compared to the differences in script, themes, dialogue, climate, setting, rhythm, characters and sequence of events; therefore, this Court concluded that the works in question are not substantially similar in legal terms.

Well then – less paperwork at Cupertino’s lawyers’ tables.

“Central Park”

The animated musical series “Central Park” debuted this week on Apple TV + – and, to mark the date, the platform’s YouTube channel published a lyric video in «Weirdos»song by Sara Bareilles highlighted in the second episode of the production:

Who has started watching?

«Helpsters Help You»

Finally, we have the last video of the first season of «Helpsters Help You», YouTube miniseries in which Cody – character in the children’s series «Helpsters» – helps children deal with their feelings and solve common day-to-day problems.

In «Thank You» (“Thanks”), Cody joins (remotely, of course!) The band Grouplove to sing a song of thanks to all essential service workers:

Pretty cool, isn’t it?