TED - Ideas worth spreading

TED – Ideas worth spreading

Ideas worth spreading. Have you heard of this slogan? it is actually the bike of an institution that organizes conferences and made the diffusion of knowledge its mission from the 80's. We decided to do a battery of tests with the official app of the institution. Your name TED. Still all very mysterious? Then read our review to learn more about it.

Functions & Usage

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and was born as an annual conference organized in California, USA. Over time, it became a well-known platform, which led it to spread to other parts of the world (TEDx). The main event is still the Californian event, attended by famous names who share their ideas and experiences.

The app allows the user to view clips of speeches made during the American conference and also the secondary events. In short, the app aims to bring to your smartphone everything that is already available on TED's internet platform.

In all, there are 1200 available videos and audio recordings. This is a great option in case of a long train ride. You can download any audio or video clip, so you don't need to download it while you travel.

The user interface is very clean and well organized. Some events are evident, which makes it easier to identify them. It's My Talks that you use to view clips offline.

You can also share the conferences via social networks, mark them as favorites or even assign them to My Talks. Everything we have to say about the app. In our view, you are missing two key features: the option to login and comment on the lectures. For iOS, the app also has the possibility to select a theme and the duration of the speech.

Another problem of the application is the video mode, which is never viewed in full screen but in a frame that we consider useless. The videos would be in HD, but because of the small size of the frames, not even noticeable on HTC One X. On the other hand, the perfect TED audio, although you can not configure a playlist.

Conclusion:TED's palettes are truly magnificent and a democratic way to spread knowledge and ideas. The app, however, is not efficient enough to export all material from the TED website to the Android platform.

Screen & Controls

In terms of graphics and design, TED will have as many stars as possible from us. The app is amazing and follows the standard of perfection adopted by Google. It is also very easy to handle. Many details are missing, such as pinch-to-zoom, for example, but no one will tear your hair out of it.

Speed ​​& Stability

TED didn't have any problems with us during our testing.

Price / Performance Ratio

TED is available for free on the Google Play Store and only doesn't earn the high score because we think it's missing some features, as mentioned earlier.

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