Teckies offers online programming classes for Portuguese schools

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been various solutions for Portuguese students and teachers, who have been forced to teach at a distance. Now it is the turn of the Portuguese startup Teckies to make virtual classes available to schools, with the goal of students being able to learn more about programming.

RoboGarden had already been made available to the general public in March, but through the platform, teachers can now gather students in virtual rooms. schools given the possibility of acquiring a license that allows students aged 1 to 12 to learn to program from scratch.

This proposal allows students, individually and at their own pace, to learn about programming, responding to challenges at different levels. Despite being an autonomous learning tool, which can be accessed at any time by students from home, teachers can follow the process. Thus, professionals have the possibility to guide students' different tasks.

In a statement, Patrick Gtz, founder of Teckies, assumes that, with this pandemic, "technologies and habits that were still distant, such as online classes for regular education, were quickly introduced into our lives". And with this platform, which integrates gaming and diverse components, "schools can take an important step in this training", he guarantees.

With colorful images, the platform allows students to learn three types of language, from block programming, using Blockly (a programming format developed by Google), JavaScript and Python. No experience or knowledge in the area is required to use RoboGarden, at an early stage, and if necessary, Teckies will train teachers.

RoboGarden is a solution created by the Canadian company Micro Engineering Technology Inc., which has Teckies as its exclusive partner in Portugal.

With the country being highlighted by the OECD for the number of solutions developed to combat COVID-19, the Tech4Covid movement also recently presented a platform that wants to help Portuguese students. The Teachers4Covid website provides free online explanations to the children of all who struggle daily with the pandemic.