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TechTudo Discount Coupons: Website Brings Codes to Buy Cheaper | E-commerce

TechTudo launches this Tuesday (12) a site that compiles the main discount coupons on the Internet. The page, called TechTudo Coupons, rene dozens of codes, which give discounts or free shipping in major online stores in Brazil, such as Americanas, Submarino, Saraiva, Netshoes, among many others. Coupons can reduce the amount paid on mobile phones, TVs, games, appliances, books, clothes and various products.

Access TechTudo Coupons and get discounts on the biggest shopping sites in Brazil

TechTudo coupon page brings offers from various stores Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo couponsTechTudo coupon page brings offers from various stores Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo coupons

TechTudo coupon page brings offers from various stores Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo coupons

The differential of TechTudo Coupons is in the validity of the codes available. With daily tracking of the site's coupons, the platform promises to bring only offers that are active, unlike what happens often with other pages, which have already expired promotions.

The page was created in partnership with Webglobal, a company that specializes in price monitoring and offers of national retail. The company has direct contact with tenants from all over Brazil, bringing the best discounts and even exclusive opportunities for TechTudo users. The new site joins Compare, a page that compares electronics prices and points out the best deals, also a partnership between TechTudo and Webglobal.

"The idea of ??the price comparator was to get people to find the gadgets they read about daily at TechTudo, for the best value. Now, with the Coupon platform, you get one more advantage: you can get more discounts on Search for coupons on the Internet is a popular habit among Brazilians, and we enter with the goal of bringing the best experience for these users, "explains Marlon Cmara, coordinator of intelligence at TechTudo.

How to use TechTudo Coupons

At you can find a selection of the top discount coupons for the most popular e-commerce sites on the Internet. Once you find the code to use, simply click "Get Discount" to copy and be taken to the store. It is important to be aware of the conditions of each offer: when selecting the desired coupon, check the details about it on the "View coupon rules" button. The code is usually applied to the store's shopping cart or payment page.

If the user wants to search directly for a discount from a specific store, there are two ways: through the search bar or in the "Stores" listing of the tool. So just search for the desired e-commerce and check all the active coupons that are made available to it. It is important to remember that retailers release valid discount codes for a limited time, so it is essential that the coupon is used as quickly as possible.