Technology remains low in the national market

The sale of electronic products in Portugal decreased by 11.8 percent in the last year. The figures are included in the GfK TEMAX index, which, in the second quarter of this year, valued the national market at 572 million euros.

According to GfK, the office equipment, consumer electronics, telecommunications and information technology sectors suffered double-digit billing losses.

Only the small appliances sector contradicted the remaining results, registering a positive change in the second quarter of this year of 13.4 percent, while large appliances showed a relatively stable change of -0.9 percent.

Invoicing of the Portuguese market for technological products

Printers and ink cartridges lead fallAmong the technological products considered for TEMAX, the one that recorded the greatest losses was office equipment, with sales falling 35.3 percent, representing a sales volume of 46 million euros.

According to GfK, sales of these products were affected by the drop in invoicing for printers and ink cartridges, which represent more than two thirds of the sector’s revenues.

The second sharpest drop compared to the previous year was led by consumer electronics, whose sales dropped by 15.3 percent to 133 million euros.

Following the trend of the previous period, LCDs continue to represent more than 50 percent of turnover in this segment.

The telecommunications sector had a sales volume of 81 million euros in the second quarter of 2009, representing a drop in turnover of 14.8 percent compared to the same period last year.

GfK highlights that this market continues to show losses in invoicing and units, as well as a drop in the average price. The positive caveat goes to touchscreen terminals, whose sales have been growing.

The constantly falling average price dictated the fortunes of the information technology sector, which recorded a sales volume of 113 million euros, a negative variation of 12.1 percent.

Despite the great demand for digital cameras, the photography sector was unable to escape the negative results, registering a drop in turnover of 6.8 percent, to 22 million euros.