tech4COVID19: Inside the movement that gathers 3,600 volunteers, many projects and an "administrative machine"

tech4COVID19: Inside the movement that gathers 3,600 volunteers, many projects and an "administrative machine"

For B2B or B2C, tech4COVID19 asserts itself as H2H, or Human to Human. The movement that emerged from an informal conversation between founders of technological startups, quickly evolved to become a movement that wants to find technological solutions to help the country in the fight against COVID-19. To understand how a movement with such great ambitions is managed, SAPO TEK spoke with Liliana Pinho, tech4COVID19 communication coordinator.

Behind the more than 3600 volunteers, 120 companies and 27 projects under development, there is an authentic administrative machine whose function is to ensure that all the projects presented are, in fact, viable and achievable.

To SAPO TEK, Liliana Pinho indicated that although it is a challenge to organize an initiative of such a large caliber, the spirit of collaboration and mutual help is very present. We have created a series of teams that support each other to try to maximize the value of the projects and make them develop as quickly as possible so that support reaches the people who need it.

In times of uncertainty, dealing with the risk of a project not having an impact can become even more complicated. We are being very careful, explained the coordinator, adding that all projects are being evaluated taking into account the entities that are directly linked to them to understand whether they will add value or not.

At the outset, all the projects that we have communicated and that have advanced are on track to create real impact. It made no sense to us if it were otherwise or if these projects had no impact or if they created barriers to someone else, explained Liliana Pinho. Rooms Against COVID is one of the most recent projects to be implemented and, according to the coordinator, one of the examples that follows this line. We want to be sure that all things were being well planned, he said.