TDK launches speaker that recharges induction iGadgets

Leaving the era of wires must be the biggest dream of human beings since the first one was invented.

Although we are getting close, with increasing battery life and wireless synchronization with iGadgets, we still need wires to plug our devices into the outlet.

Or not.

TDK Wireless Charging Speaker

TDK’s new speaker, the Wireless Charging Speaker, comes equipped with four quality speakers, Bluetooth 2.1 and card to recharge any device by induction, as long as it is compatible with Qi technology.

Just place it on top of the powerful speakers and the device will start to recover the lost battery during the day.

With Bluetooth, induction charging technology and an internal battery with up to six hours of autonomy, you can (almost) abandon the wires for good.

The TDK Wireless Charging Speaker costs $ 400 at some resellers.

I want to! ?

[via Cult of Mac]