TCL launches 10 Pro and 10L models with prices below 500 euros. Portugal launches range in Europe

TCL launches 10 Pro and 10L models with prices below 500 euros. Portugal launches range in Europe

Not all these technologies will be available on the TCL 10 5G as this would make the product that TCL is keen to keep below 500 euros expensive, to bring a 5G smartphone to the market at affordable prices, as explained by Stefan Streit.

TCL 10L comes to massify NXTVision technology

The "lightweight" version of the TCL 10 series integrates many of the features that have been added to the TCL 10 Pro, but for a price range below 280 euros. The 6.53-inch screen has a bigger frame than the 10 Pro and instead of AMOLED it bets on FHD +. The fingerprint reader is sent to the rear of the equipment, where there is also the system of four rear cameras, but with more modest features than the "older brother".

The selfie camera also has a smaller sensor, with 16 MP, but it has artificial intelligence technology to recognize and improve scenarios and objects. You can also count on the possibility of Stop Motion video and more possibilities for image editing.

The new TCL 10L are available as of today in two colors, artic white and mariana blue, with a public sale price of 279 euros.

TCL 10 5G arrives in the second half

The 5G model of the TCL 10 series will arrive in stores in the second half of the year, but the new smartphone has been highlighted by the price positioning below 500 euros, which intends to massify 5G technology.

"We see the TCL 10 5G as 'people's 5G phone' […] What we try to bring technology at affordable prices", explains Stefan Streit. Despite recognizing the delay in the launch of 5G networks, even more so with the pandemic of COVID-19, the marketing manager in Europe points out that TCL is ready to launch the phone, and that it will also bet on this model in the launch in the United States , with two operators, which does not reveal which they are.

Stefan Streit argues that this is a very important model for the industry and for TCL, but explains the feature options, which are below the TCL 10 Pro in terms of chipset and screen technology. The option was to use the same display as the 10L, not least because if you bet on the same "specs" as the new top of the range price would be above 500 euros, which does not follow the company's strategic line and market positioning.

New folding concepts and the project Archery

SAPO TEK has been following the evolution of TCL's folding model prototypes and even in early March we showed the new proposals announced, which Stefan Streit showed again today at Webcall with journalists.

"We don't want to be the first in the folding market […] we want more technology, product maturity and an affordable price range", reinforced the company's marketing manager in Europe today, stressing that "we don't want to have the consumer as beta testers and having to pay for it. "

For now, the company has three dozen proposals on the table, some of which are more advanced, such as the tri-fold concept, which folds three times a device the size of a 10-inch tablet, and the scrollable screen, of which SAPO TEK already spoke.

They are still proposed, and are being tested internally, so they should only reach the market at the beginning of next year, although Stefan Streit has not committed to any date. "There are still challenges in the market as we see in the proposals of other brands", he recalls.

Still for this year, TCL has other proposals in its product alignment, such as a 5G router and wireless headsets, which are due to arrive in stores in June, and new smartphones may also be launched.

"This is the beginning of a TCL portfolio, before the end of the year there will be more equipment", promised Stefan Streit in response to SAPO TEK.

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