#TBT: What was your first smartphone? This was mine!

#TBT: What was your first smartphone? This was mine!

This week we celebrate 22 years of the launch of the first smartphone. That's right, 22 years old. A lot has changed since the IBM Simon Personal Communicator It was announced on August 16, 1994. Weighing 500g and offering a Stylus pen, this was the first "smart phone" of at least 50,000 people in the world. And yours, which one? My first smartphone was an Android!

Like every big news, the IBM Simon was not considered a smartphone at the time of its release. But because it combines mobility with functions that only computers had at the time, the device is now considered the first smartphone ever launched in the world.

Like the IBM Simon, my first smartphone also had a touchscreen, calendar, note-taking application, the ability to send emails and messages, and could even be loaded up and down. However, instead of 500g, my gadget was 164g. Which, you see, was a good evolution from 1994 to 2010.

IBM Simon and its 500g of pure modernity in 1994

AndroidPIT throwback thursday IBM Simon
IBM Simon and its features: Stylus pen and 500g of pure modernity in 1994 / AndroidPIT

Yes, my first smartphone was purchased in 2011, and I remember that I wanted an iPhone 4, but when I arrived at the store I was most enchanted by Android, and then by its price! If this type of device tends to be expensive these days, imagine in 1994. In an interview BBC LondonCharlotte Connelly, curator of the IBM Simon's 22nd birthday exhibit at the London Science Museum, said the device cost $ 899 at the time. And the suggested price of my first smartphone was 425.52 pounds. Nothing cheap either.

In addition to the addition of cameras and numerous other features and software enhancements, the increase in battery capacity of a smartphone from the 1990s to 2010 has marked the evolution of mobile devices, although this is still a daily affliction. IBM Simon offered only two hours of use without having to carry it. Already my first smart phone delivered at 9h on 2G and up to 5h30min on 3G. Despite these numbers, I remember that I could take the power consumption on good until I get home at night and have to plug it in.

first image saved HTC Desire HD
This is one of the first images made with my first smartphone / AndroidPIT

My first smartphone didn't come with a Stylus pen, but it ran on Android. It arrived with factory version 2.2 Froyo and, shortly thereafter, received the update for Android 2.3 Gingerbread and stayed in it forever. I remember being with a friend who also bought the same device, and we were dazzled – that was the word – with all the possibilities we will have from now on with our first smartphone.

I bought my smartphone in an almost irresponsible decision, because of the value of the device, but I really wanted to have the device to make videos at a music festival. At the time, I was thinking of writing about the Berlin music scene for Brazilian magazines. However, I soon realized that 2011 was still not quite the year to start using smartphones for the streaming of video in real time, as my expectation had been infinitely higher than the experience I had with my first smart phone.

My first smartphone was the HTC Desire HD

Androidpit HTC Desire HD
I only have one bad memory of Desire HD: Gingerbread! / AndroidPIT

If you still remember him fondly, say to: what was your first smartphone?

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