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Tauon Music Box is the player for those who like minimalism.

For those who like the minimalist concept in their system, the Tauon Music Box fits perfectly into it.

Listening to music these days is almost synonymous with streaming, such as Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, and more, most of us don't listen to music using those classic Apps like Winamp. But when is internet access unavailable? The one that enters the offline music players. Today we present the Tauon Music Box.

Tauon Music Box the player for those who like minimalism

For those who like a more minimalist and objective footprint, Tauon comes to fit this concept. Built in Python, it has a very responsive interface, as well as being light and smooth in design, and can be customized to your display with varying options.

It uses the proprietary BASS Audio Library codec (the other versions used FFMPeg), so the player can play almost any media, such as FLAC files, which is good for those who care about high sound quality.

Tauon Features:

– Ability to import tracks and create playlists by dragging and dropping with ease;

– Art gallery of albums are shown in full size;

– Support for playback without breaks;

– Fast and responsive user interface;

– Cover art download function.

– Supported song lyrics for display along with guitar chords and sync with .lrs files

– Track file playback counts and preview this so you always know which tracks are your favorite.

– Extract files and import your music downloads with one click.

Supported formats are: FLAC, APE, TTA, WV, MP3, M4A (aac, alac), OGG, OPUS. XSPF, CUE (with auto detection).

You will find the player on Flathub. If your distro doesn't support it yet, just follow this tutorial. If your distro already has it enabled by default, just look for Tauon in your app store.

Once you have installed flatpak support (if your distro did not come with it), you can now browse its app store or enter the following command in the terminal:

flatpak install flathub com.github.taiko2k.tauonmb

Wait for the procedure to finish and look for the program in your distro's menu.

This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.


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