Tasks To Do, To-Do List

Tasks To Do, To-Do List

There are days when we are not well of memory and forget trivial things that are important to be done, be it work tasks, family commitments or events. The best way to keep everything fresh in your memory is to transfer that responsibility to your mobile device and its app. Today we present to you Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List, the ideal candidate for overcoming daily chaos and organizing your day to day tasks. Check out what we have to say about him in today's review.

Functions & Usage

Right after the first boot, Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List already draws attention to some highly positive aspects: its very organized interface and its respective functions therefore become very clear to the user. In fact, this may seem a little generalizing, but to-do lists are tools and as such should not be memorized by the user or presented as a challenge. Rather, such tools should be easily accessible. This Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List achieves and this impression is reflected in the rest of the application's operation. At bottom, this app is a tool for getting things done and that is why the description of the tasks to be accomplished is also relatively free. Creating tasks, retrieving them or remembering them is quite simple. But let's take a closer look to see what is behind this app: is it as simple as its interface suggests or behind it is something even more powerful? You can organize tasks on the main screen according to different aspects. , show or hide the various events, and organize the list by categories. This is the default function for all task organizing apps, which requires no further explanation. What is really interesting is the variety of options that are reflected in the particular activities. You can add a title and comment to an activity. This doesn't seem like anything out of the world, but this simple feature gets even better with the voice input option that many other apps of its kind don't have. Other settings, such as priority tasks, task due dates, or alarm to remind you to perform a certain task can be configured. Unfortunately, in this respect the application has some imperfections. For example, you cannot adjust a complex series of alarms or integrate tasks with Google Calendar. But it can be combined with Google servers, such as Google Task, creating the opportunity to access events from your Google account from any device. This is undoubtedly an advantage that other competitors do not offer. Conclusion: Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List doesn't make a tester's life easier. This is already noted by the size of this review. This may be positive for the developer, but it may be less positive for the user, which may be lost. Either way, the app offers the simple, immediate, relatively powerful and well-connected possibility of organizing and modifying to-do lists. Unfortunately, it lacks some features, such as integration with Google's calendar and the ability to set multiple alarms. We must not fail to say that such absences are well compensated by the good ability of the app to sync with the Google server.

Screen & Controls

In this category, Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List shows its full potential. The organized, elegant and functional user interface. Fits perfectly picture of Android operating system. Unfortunately, some functions such as a darker theme for AMOLED screens or the possibility of scratching a task when already performed have not yet been implemented.

Speed ​​& Stability

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List always behaved perfectly during our tests. Even the synchronization with the Google server happened successfully without any problem.

Price / Performance Ratio

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List is available in our App Center for 3.49 euros (£ 2.00) without advertising banners. Considering the quality ratio and the great design, it is still a good price. As this is our app of the week, AndroidPIT offers Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List for a promotional price: 1.89 euros or $ 4.71.

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