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Taptic Engine of New iPhones Made of 100% Recycled Rare Earth Metals

Apple released this week's environmental reports for iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, revealing key production features and what materials are used in the new handsets. Among the scores made, Ma explains that the Taptic engine (vibrating motor of the apparatus) made of 100% recycled rare earth metals.

If you have never heard of rare earth metals, just know that this represents a group of 17 minerals that are widely used in the production of technological apparatus. More specifically, the Taptic Engine, which gives life to feedback Haptic in iPhones (and the discontinued 3D Touch), represents about 25% of the total rare earth elements used in the manufacture of these devices.

Nevertheless, the use of this material is "threatened" in the face of trade war between the United States and China. In this case, the eastern country dominates the processing of raw minerals and implies that it may restrict the sale of rare earth materials to the US, which may have contributed to Apple looking for a way to recycle and use this material. on the new iPhones.

This, however, was not confirmed by Apple's vice president for environment, policies and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson. She said Apple's use of recycled rare earth metals "is not related to business tensions, but it can help the company maintain a steady supply."

That's one of those happy coincidences where what's good for the planet is really good for business at the same time. One of the things we talk about a lot internally, in general, is the more constant it makes our supply chain.

Since 2016 Apple has already had an “industrial” method of disassembling iPhones or then Rob Liam. For over a year, however, the company has been using Daisy Robot to do this service, where the machine can extract and separate a large number of components that can be recycled into new appliances.

In addition to robots, Jackson told Reuters The company is also researching ways in which conventional recycling companies can help in the recovery of certain parts, stating that Apple is open to partnerships.

image: Siriphiroon / Shutterstock