TapPath: Open links with the app you choose

Often when clicking a link on your Android, a menu popup appears to choose which app you want to complete the action with. For ease of choice. Chris Lacy created the TapPathWith it you can choose up to three specific apps to open the links.

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One, two or three taps on the link choose the app. / ANDROIDPIT

The very simple operation, after installing the application, you only need to choose, for example, that when we touch a link once, it opens with Chrome; twice, with Twitter; three times with Whatsapp. Once you've selected the apps, you can test the app with the link to google. If necessary, you can adjust the time interval between rings.

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For each action, an app. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>With TapPath, you can choose any apps for all three positions, or even set one to have the generic Share tab, allowing you to always have all the options. The app was developed by Chist Lacy, the same one who created the thymus <strong>Bubble link </strong>(which forms a fantastic pair with TapPath). Available on Play Store by <strong>R $ 2.22</strong> and compatible with <strong>Android 4.0 </strong>it's up.</p>
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TapPath Browser Helper
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Choose TapPath as the default for opening links on first use. / ANDROIDPIT
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What good web browsing apps do you recommend?

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