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Tapbots launches Tweetbot 3 for Mac with new interface and updated features

O Tweetbot one of the most popular third-party customers among Twitter users, and its developer, Tapbots, never shy away from bringing timely and interesting news to your loyal customer base.

Now, going beyond this tradition of small and constant updates, the company is launching a completely renewed version of the client for Mac with the Tweetbot 3.

Tweetbot 3 for Twitter app icon

The new version of the app brings the same basic look as the previous versions, but with a closer look, it is possible to see that Tapbots focused on the details of the interface to make the customer cleaner and more pleasing to the eye, with more breathing spaces , redesigned icons and persistent buttons for the main functions of the network (likes, responses, access to profiles, etc.) for improved usability.

The app's sidebar has also received changes and can be expanded to show text next to the function icons; with this, Tweetbot 3 is also able to show subsections in this area and offer quick access to lists, notifications (subdivided or not in terms and activity, you choose), direct messages, search and profile options. For those who prefer, of course, the bar can also be minimized to show only the traditional icons.

Tweetbot 3 also brings other usability improvements, such as a tool that opens a new column next to the current one simply by dragging the application window from the right (to close, just drag in the opposite direction). The window for writing tweets it brings quick access to images, location and emojis, and you can even configure the app to play videos and GIFs automatically or not.

As you certainly already noticed in the images above, another novelty finally introduced in the new Tweetbot is Dark Mode, which was already the option of the client's iOS application and is only now coming to the Mac.

Regarding the announced change in the Twitter API that could severely limit the functionality of third-party clients (but that has been, for now, postponed indefinitely), Tapbots stated that it is working on the case and that, in the worst case, some features of the app it will slow down or disappear temporarily while the bird's social network does not offer a reasonable alternative; notifications from likes and retweets, for example, could not be computed. This is a concern for an indefinite future, however.

Tweetbot 3 (which, as you can see, also won a new circular icon with a little bird in the eyes of this one that writes you really evil) is available on the Mac App Store for R $ 33. It is good to note that, since it is a completely new app and not an update, old customer users will need to pay the amount if they want to jump to the new version of the app.

Is it worth it?

via 9to5Mac