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Tamagotchi On Brings Virtual Pet With Bluetooth In New Retry Attempt

THE Tamagotchi It was a toy that marked a whole generation of children in the 90s. Better known in Brazil as "virtual pet", the needy little creatures never really went away, but they are nothing compared to fever that once took the stores. Now to Bandai, toy maker, has a new bet to try to recapture its old success with the release of the Tamagotchi On.

Trying to combine the experience of the original Tamagotchi with the new device that is currently in the hands of young people today – smartphones – Bandai is betting on a new connectivity option with Tamagotchi On via Bluetooth.

The new toy will also have a companion application to communicate with the phone. By synchronizing Tamagotchi On via Bluetooth and using the app, the user can find other characters online, participate in events, and download new content that syncs between the app on the smartphone and the pet in the toy.

The device itself is extremely similar to the original but brings some changes. For starters, it's bigger, 6.35 '' high, incorporating a screen 2.25 '' color LCD. The interaction with the pet remains basically the same, being possible to play with it, clean, etc. When he needs attention, he beeps.

But, incorporating current trends, the new version of the virtual pet also has game money, which you earn by doing your activities. Can you use this money to buy new rooms and decorations for your Tamagotchi On through app. And, not only relying on your phone for connectivity, Tamagotchi On also has infrared, so you can sync two devices directly for two people's pets to play and take pictures together.

The interactivity between pets seems very important in Tamagotchi On, which brings even more activities for creatures of different users to interact and get closer. They can even get married and have children after a while, something reminiscent of The Sims.

Tamagotchi On was announced in the US at the suggested price of $ 60.

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