Take the quiz and find out if you really know all about Samsung!

Samsung is one of the top selling smartphone makers in the country. This makes us think that perhaps one of the reasons for such popularity is an unconditional love of brand users. But is that so? We decided to take the quiz by taking this quiz about Samsung.

Whether you are a Samsung fan or a simple Android user, it is always interesting to test your knowledge over time. And who doesn't like a quick test, doesn't he? And a, do you think you know all about the biggest South Korean manufacturer?

Let's do this old fashion. Take a pen and paper, or, for the most geeky, Google Keep. And write down your answers to add up the points at the end.


We'll start with the technical questions, from the simplest to the hardest.

1. What is the name of the interface used by Samsung?

Marshmallow EMUI
Touchwiz Xperia

2. Depending on the market, the new Galaxy S7 may have a different processor, what are they?

Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 810 Exynos 7420 and Snapdragon 820
Exynos 7420 t Snapdragon 810 Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820

3. Which of these apps comes standard on latest Samsung devices?

Skype Kingroot
Greenify Tinder

4. Where is the fingerprint reader of Samsung devices?

In the back At home button
On the right side On the left side

5. Among the following options, which was the most contested by Galaxy S6 users?

Processor Overheat MicroSD card slot missing
Camera aperture only f / 1.9 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

So far so easy, isn't it? So let's get out of the technician and go to the commercial side of the manufacturer.

6. When was the first Samsung Galaxy smartphone launched?

27 September 2008 27 April 2008
27 September 2009 27 April 2009

7. How many Galaxy S have been released so far?

Less than 15 15
16 15+

8. What is the biggest smartphone in the Galaxy S6 line?

Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy S6 Edge + Galaxy S6 Active

9. In which range does the Galaxy Core fit?

Low end Top of the line
Intermediate Mid-range

10. What year did Samsung launch the Nexus S?

It may be that now you are sweating a little to answer, no? Now let's go to the final step, where all your knowledge will be explored.

11. What does Samsung mean in Korean? (Not worth using the translator!)

Three horses Three monkeys
Three flowers Three stars

12. In which city was Samsung founded in 1938?

Incheon Seoul
Daegu Goyang

13. Where was a Samsung factory in Brazil installed in 2004?

Campinas So Paulo
Guarulhos Sorocaba

14. What is the design of Samsung called?

15. Who the president of Samsung?

Lei Jun Lee Kun-hee
Bon-Moo Ko Camila Rinaldi


Each answer is worth one point. Now just gather the points of the questions you got right and see how much you know about Samsung.

Question 1: Touchwiz

Question 2: Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820

Question 3: Skype

Question 4: At home button

Question 5: MicroSD card slot missing

Question 6: 27 April 2009

Question 7: 16+

Question 8: Galaxy S6 edge +

Question 9: Low end

Question 10: 2011

Question 11: Three stars

Question 12: Daegu

Question 13: Campinas

Question 14: SADI

Question 15: Lee Kun-hee

  • If you scored less than five points you are far away, take a look at the AndroidPIT subjects to answer at least the first 5 questions correctly.
  • If you scored between five and ten points, you still have to learn about the manufacturer.
  • Now if you made more than 10 points, congratulations, you can consider yourself an advanced Samsung connoisseur!

And how many points did you make?

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