Take pictures of your child and organize everything with the BeeBaby app

There are things that you only discover after experiencing them.

Want an example? My daughter was born two weeks ago and, from then on, I lost count of how many pictures I took of the little girl, not to mention the hundreds of pictures that family members also take.

The big problem: how to organize it all? Of course, we can simply put all the images / videos in one folder, but the idea of ​​the application BeeBaby much more interesting.

BeeBaby app for iPhones / iPods touch

His purpose is precisely to record all stages of his children's lives in a more efficient and organized way.

The application itself suggests more than 300 events that indicate the moment when the photo was taken, such as the “First walk”, a “Visit at grandma's house”, among others, also recording the child's age and the place where photo was taken.

The app still needs to improve some things, such as importing photos from the Camera Roll, which only allows you to select one photo at a time making the job of adding photos received or taken before downloading the app somewhat painful.

BeeBaby app for iPhones / iPods touch

Importing all the photos already taken, having the discipline of always cataloging the photo at a certain event and adding the location can be quite laborious for some, but the final result (a timeline with the photos all “explained”) is very cool.

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