Take a deep breath, because we have another fun camera app on the block: Microsoft's Sprinkles

Take a deep breath, because we have another fun camera app on the block: Microsoft's Sprinkles

You see, I really like Snapchat. I still use it, I have fun with it and I'm angry with Mark Zuckerberg for behaving like a big bully trying to copy his most famous feature on all of his products after failing to buy it. But if there is something I will never forgive the ghost for starting the fever of so-called fun camera apps. No use, I just can't swallow the profusion of apps even by a certain Ma trying to ride the wave of filters and dog faces everywhere on social media. You can call me a frowning old man, I'll let you.

Anyway, I digress. The fact that one more title in the segment has shown up today at least on American territory, that is, and it comes from no one less than one of the largest technology companies in the world. I'm talking about Sprinkles, new application from Microsoft which is already available for free on the United States App Store (and only for now).

Sorry, app not found.

Okay, to be fair, it is good to note that Sprinkles has or intends to have, at least some differentials to stand out in the face of strong and consolidated competition. Microsoft is applying all of its advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence knowledge to the app to recognize faces and emotions, apply smart fun filters, suggest captions, or even spot the celebrity that most resembles you. technology advancing the world the way we want to see it, right?

What's more, the app does not go much further than Snapchat or similar copied solutions from Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp already feature: you can take photos (don't say!) Or import the existing ones on your Camera Roll, apply filters, captions , cute or fluffy masks on your face, emojis and more. As Sprinkles is just a camera app and not a social network, there is no option to share your artworks with friends internally, but obviously you can save your creations and post them on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want.

Ah, that time to be alive

(via TechCrunch)