Tiket pesawat Black Friday murah: enam situs dan aplikasi dengan promosi

Are Black Friday prices at dawn lower? See myths and truths

Black Friday 2019 will take place next Friday (29), and will feature promotions from both online and physical stores. As …

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IPhone Battery Stages

9 truths about the iPhone battery

Does the iPhone’s fast charger damage the battery over time? How to extend battery life? Experts reveal some truths about …

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WinRAR has a security hole 19 years ago; see how to protect yourself | Security

Spy app: 5 myths and truths about app to spy on partner | Security

The use of spy apps known as spyware or stalkerware has increased significantly and makes victims among Android and iPhone …

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Facebook Pays $ 30K to Developer Who Hacked Instagram | Social networks

Eight myths and truths about Instagram | Social networks

Launched in 2010, Instagram still causes some doubts in users. How is the order in which stories are displayed? Does …

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How to share file in Google Drive | Backup

Seven myths and truths about Google Drive | Backup

Google Drive is a cloud storage service full of features for anyone who needs to save files, photos, videos or …

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Instagram night mode: enabling on any Android phone | Social networks

Five myths and truths about dark mode in apps | Themes

READ: WhatsApp dark mode: bug brings function awaited by users The topic has become a trend, and is long awaited …

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Seven Secrets About Uber Drivers Would Like You To Know | Productivity

Uber Myths and Truths: See 9 App Q&A | Productivity

The popular urban travel app Uber already operates in over 100 cities across Brazil and is available for Android and …

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The Truths About Linux: Why doesn't the system catch viruses?

Linux does not catch viruses, is that true? Understand how things work Today we will address one of the greatest …

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Seven myths and truths about using the Internet in anonymous mode | Browsers

Seven myths and truths about using the Internet in anonymous mode | Browsers

Many users believe that surfing the web in anonymous, or private, mode is sufficient to evade malicious sites, steal data, …

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Chrome 77: Learn about the features of Google's new browser version | Browsers

Seven Myths and Truths About Chrome | Browsers

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on the Internet. Launched in 2008, the browser has already surpassed …

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