Tablet portfolio increases with Acer announcement

The first tablet from Acer. The manufacturer will start by launching three models on the market, which, however, will only arrive from the beginning of next year.

The models vary between seven inches and 10 inches and the first, scheduled to arrive in February, will have Windows 7. The tablet with the Microsoft operating system it combines a touch screen with a physical keyboard, which can be connected to the computer, that is, it can be transformed into a notebook, using an accessory that serves as a support and keyboard.

The 15mm thickness and less than 1kg weight model integrates AMD processors and offers two 1.3 megapixel cameras, with support for video calls and video conferencing. It also offers WiFi and 3G connection.

The other two models, the seven-inch and another 10-inch, will work with Google’s Android and will be launched in April. Both have WiFi and 3G connectivity with the first to address mobility requirements mainly and the second to focus on “high-definition entertainment” features.

With a 13.3mm thickness, the 10.1-inch Acer Android has a dual core processor at 1 GHz, HDMI connection with support for 1080p and a multi-touch system with 10 points and a gyroscope, incorporated with game fans in mind.

The seven-inch Android integrates a 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm CPU and the same support for Flash 10.1.

None of the three tablets presented by Acer have a defined name or price.

In addition, at the press conference held in New York this Tuesday, Acer also announced the launch, for April 2011, of a “smartphone with soul tablet“. With Android operating system, the model will have a 4.8-inch touch screen, with a resolution of 1,024×480, integrating front and rear cameras with flash LED, CNET advances in turn.

Alongside tablets It’s from smartphone, the manufacturer also introduced the Iconia, a dual screen (14 inch) laptop that is due to be launched in December. Closed the Iconia looks like a notebook normal, but when it opens it reveals a second screen instead of the keyboard.

Editorial note: The news was updated with information meanwhile released by Acer itself.