T off! Do not install any of these apps on your smartphone

Shady Apps That Promise More Battery

We all want more autonomy for our devices. This desire is so great that some users are ready to believe all the promises of malicious apps. There is a whole range of apps that promise, through an integrated dnao, to recharge your smartphone just by shaking it.

There are also apps that promise charging by the touch of your fingers on the screen, and finally some services promise to turn your device into a true solar power plant (not to mention apps that promise the fast charging function for older devices – in fact). These are the notorious task killers, which can never replace a hardware feature).

androidpit battery low 1
The Play Store has millions of apps that can hurt your smartphone more than help / AndroidPIT

Google has already started cleaning the Play Store, eliminating many apps of this kind, but this real weed is hard to eradicate. Thousands of users fall into these traps and pay to download such applications, losing money and, worse yet, often granting abusive permissions to services.

Useless antivirus applications

Antivirus applications for Android are what to talk about, and many doubt the usefulness of even the most serious and reputable services. Regardless, some apps that promise to protect your device simply don't deliver the service.

AndroidPIT virus 1
Some apps that promise to protect your device may not deliver the service / AndroidPIT

A good example is NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus. At a glance it is a serious app with good reviews on the Play Store and over 30 million users. The catch only we found out later: Once downloaded, this app will charge you for updating your virus database.

Yes, that's right – without paying the promised protection there are shortcomings after a few days, until it becomes absolutely useless. We are not talking here about extra functions, for which it would be legitimate to pay. This is a basic function of an antivirus app.

Defragmentation Applications

At first glance we might think this is a plausible service, since we all know the problem of accumulating useless articles on our old computers. Defragmentation was a true magic word to speed up the performance of a device.

But unfortunately this is not the case with SSDs (Solid State Drives), the hard drives of our modern laptops and also smartphones, which use flash memory.

androidpit sd card 2
Defragmentation actually impairs your smartphone's memory / AndroidPIT

Flash memory works differently and can access any part of the drive at the same speed, so fragmentation is not a big problem. A really serious question is the reuse of individual memory sectors, because the more used, the worse the performance of the SSD. This means that defragmentation actually impairs and does not optimize the memory of your smartphone.

Lie Detectors, X-ray Apps and Company

Truth or lie, eternal doubt. Modern science has developed techniques for trying to identify a lie, but applications are unfortunately not among them. Free or non-lie-detecting apps rely solely on chance to judge a sentence as true or false.

Some apps promise to analyze your voice through the microphone, your face through the front camera or the heart rate meter, but all of this has no scientific basis.

absurd apps hero
Three nonsense apps / Samsung, LG, Sony, porrassoft, ATXproIT, Angelo Gizzi, ANDROIDPIT

The same goes for X-ray apps, programs that claim to use smartphone cameras as X-ray devices. They are downloaded by the thousands, free or not, and everyone should be aware that this is a joke.

But that was not all. How about apps that promise to translate the cry of a newborn? The desire to communicate better with their children must indeed be very strong, as an app like Baby Translate j has been downloaded by over 50,000 people. And despite not fulfilling its promise, the app still achieved an average of 3.3 stars on the Play Store.

Fishy flashlight apps

In recent times, flashlight applications have not had a very good reputation. Indeed, the Brightest Flashlight Free app proved to be a gigantic cover for collecting data in the form of a seemingly harmless flashlight.

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  Your Android flashlight doesn't need so much promise to work / AndroidPIT
<p>Despite all the press attention, the app still exists in the Play Store, continues to gather information such as the location of its flashlight users and sell this precious data to advertisers.</p>
<p><strong>Which app did you regret downloading?</strong></p>
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