Systemgraph apparently gave up on suing a client who complained about his services

At the beginning of the month we talked about the case of a Mac user who had a small nightmare: his iMac had a defect, he took the machine to Systemgraph, Apple's official technical assistance in Greece, the machine came back worse than it was, the customer (of course) vented his dissatisfaction online and the company decided to sue him, asking for 200 thousand euros in compensation.

According to CNET News, it seems that the assistance decided to give up the process and recognized the exaggeration in the measure.

cone - Sad Mac

"It seems", because so far there is no 100% certainty regarding the cancellation of the action, despite the public announcement.

Anyway, this story is still a long way from having a happy ending, as Systemgraph refuses to acknowledge that the customer's iMac would have been returned with problems and says it has no obligation to reimburse him due to the preparations he would have made to face the lawsuit one of the company's lawyers would have said that this obligation from Apple.

Rumors say that the pressure to withdraw the case would have come from Ma herself.

Perhaps something a little more convincing might be needed, like looking for another company to provide technical assistance to Greek consumers and suing Systemgraph for tarnishing its image.

(via MacNN)