Sync passwords: How Google Smart Lock works

Sync passwords: How Google Smart Lock works

You may have noticed that Google often asks you if you want to save the password for a particular site. And when you log in again, even on another device, your login data is already saved. It's all Smart Lock's fault.

The Google tool works to make it easy to sign in to sites and apps across multiple devices, all securely. In fact, Smart Lock does nothing more than sync, with user authorization, your passwords with your Google account. This works on both Chrome and Android.

So every time you are signed in to your Google account, regardless of your device, all your passwords saved with Smart Lock will also be available on that device.

How to manage passwords

Just as we forget our passwords and Smart Lock helps us, we can also forget which passwords are saved by the tool. But it can be managed by both Chrome and Android.

The easiest way to do this is by going to the link, but you can also manage it through the settings. On your computer, just go to Chrome, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and go to Settings. There, just click Advanced, then Manage Passwords, within Passwords and Forms.

Smart lock
You can manage all passwords saved by Google Smart Lock. / Screenshot / AndroidPIT

In this tab, you can manage all passwords saved by Smart Lock, as well as view them (great to remember any password). Also in this field you can enable or disable the Smart Lock tool for specific websites or applications, as well as remove saved passwords.

smart lock 2
D to configure Smart Lock also via Android. / Screenshot / AndroidPIT

On Android, you can also enable or disable Smart Lock (image above), and choose whether or not to login saved passwords automatically. To do this, I need to locate Google Settings. On some devices, there is a separate application called Config. Google; In others, I need to go to Settings and click Google. Then only access Smart Lock for passwords, and management will be possible.

Did you already know the feature? What do you think?

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