Swiss watch maker creates a mechanical Apple Watch clone

Swiss watch maker creates a mechanical Apple Watch clone

When the Apple Watch was launched, Swiss watchmakers scorned Apple's intent. Today, Ma's watch is still far from what the company envisioned, but neither can we deny the jolt he gave the market after all, it was no wonder that traditional brands like TAG Heuer launched their own smartwatches.

It's just weirder than seeing a TAG Heuer of life betting on something like that, seeing H. Moser & Cie. launching the Swiss Alp Watch, a mechanical watch that is an Apple Watch clone as reported by the HODINKEE. And that was totally on purpose.


As we can see at the beginning of the article, the CEO of the manufacturer presents the Swiss Alp Watch saying that it does not need an upgrade, it has an inexhaustible power source (just wind it up), it has only one “app” (time), it does not depend connection to the phone, does not receive messages, does not send your heart rate nor allows you to send drawings to other users but change your life by doing one thing: allowing you to connect with people in the right way, in the real world. or not, a hell of a kebab at Apple?

The Swiss Alp Watch is priced at $ 24,900 (yes, much more than the more expensive Apple Watch Edition, which costs $ 17,000), with only 50 units available for sale.

H. Moser & Cie. does not cite Apple and Apple Watch at any time on the video or in the marketing / communication material of the watch, but in my opinion it is bad for a company of its size to do something like this (I speak of the product itself, which clearly copies the exterior of the Apple Watch).

(via MacRumors)