Swiss court allows Swatch to use Tick different slogan, against Apple's wishes

Almost two years ago (!), Apple decided to sue the watchmaker Swatch because of her campaign using the slogan Tick ​​different claiming allusion to the famous Think Different from Ma.

Today, his justice has won the Swatch case, saying that Apple has not presented him with enough documents to prove the widespread recognition of the slogan. Think Different in the country That is, Swatch is now free to use the slogan Tick ​​different as you see fit.

To win the dispute, Apple had to ensure that at least 50% of consumers associated their brand with the slogan. Think Different. The biggest problem, of course, is that Apple itself has not been using it more actively since 2002.

Apple probably also bothered even more that Swatch used the slogan Tick ​​different precisely to promote a new watch with NFC capabilities, focused on mobile payments.

Just to drive Apple crazy in life, Swatch in 2015 invented trying to patent the only phrase One more thing. A year earlier, Swatch had also taken steps to prevent Apple from registering the “iWatch” trademark.

via Reuters