Swing Copters: Flappy Bird's successor released! (Updated)

Remember the frustrating nights spent in the clear trying to overcome Flappy Bird's fifth obstacle? Brace yourself, as you may be even angrier at the successor to the 2013 Android sensation game. Dong Nguyen, the world's oldest developer, has just announced the Swing copters.

Swing Copters is Dong Nguyen's newest creation. / TouchArcade

The same 8-bit look, the same colors, the same level of difficulty, are now vertical. In Swign Copters, you must control a crazy helicopter and pass pendulums at various positions on the screen. The game already has a presentation video (below), and will be officially released on August 21 (next Thursday). There will be a free version and a premium version of the game (without advertising).

Personally, I don't see Swign Copters as a successor to Flappy Bird, as the app brings no news or developments in game dynamics. Positive point goes to the sound effects, but I think after a while they should annoy a lot.

For an alternative with the same principle but much more interesting graphics, I recommend Shanghai Fly:

Link to video

Article updated on 08/21/2014: Swing Copters was released today on the Play Store. After a few minutes of testing, I can say that it is even harder than Flappy Bird. The game does not require special and free permissions.

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Swing Copters is harder than Flappy Bird. / ANDROIDPIT
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Swing copters
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And the? How many points did you get?

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