Swiftkey: Tips and Tricks for Enjoying One of the Best Android Keyboards

Some manufacturers use SwiftKey as standard on their smartphones, such as Sony. If you don't have the app yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store. The latest version to v6.5.0.64:

SwiftKey Keyboard
Install on Google Play

SwiftKey Tips: Choosing Ring, Slide, or Voice

SiftKey offers up to three input modes. You can use the classic touch as well as slide your finger from letter to letter to form a word. In addition to these defaults, it is also possible to use voice by activating the factory-disabled voice input key.

Path: hamburger menu> more> typing> voice and other entries

swiftkey bra voice
SwiftKey: You can use voice, ringtone or swipe as input / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: Writing in Multiple Languages

To make life easier for users who use the keyboard in different languages, SwiftKey offers text prediction in multiple languages, which can be easily activated from the settings. However, the default keyboard will always be set according to the device language.

Most importantly, unlike other keyboards, once the languages ​​are used by users, immediate recognition, ie there is no need to change the language, just that it is activated in the background.

Path: hamburger menu> more> languages> all languages

swiftkey bra language
Add as many languages ​​as needed to SwiftKey / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to Enable Emoji Prediction

With Swiftkey, you not only have the prediction of the next word you will type, but also the eventual emoji you want to insert. Emojis always appear on the right side after word predictions. Emoji forecasting is enabled by default.

Path: hamburger menu> more> typing> typing and autocorrection> emoji prediction

swiftkey bra emojis
Emojis preview comes enabled by padro / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to Resize the Keyboard

The size of a keyboard is one of the factors that determines how we type. If any, for example, have a large screen and small handheld device, they will have to decrease their typing space, others will have to increase it. SwiftKey is designed to fit the user, so you can resize the keyboard.

Path: hamburger menu> resize

swiftkey bra size
You can resize your keyboard up to five sizes / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to Display the Line of Numbers

Depending on the size of your smartphone, you still have some screen space. So if you want to save time when typing numbers, enjoy adding the line of numbers above the letter keys.

Path: hamburger menu> more> typing> keys> line of numbers

SwiftKey Tips: How to Remove a Word from AutoCorrect

How annoying when the keyboard dictionary corrects a word it shouldn't. This happens constantly, especially with English words and colloquial terms. With the SwiftKey app we can eliminate certain suggested words from autocorrection.

To do this, simply click and hold the word that appears as a suggestion for auto-correction at the top of the keyboard. Then the "remove preview" option appears.

swiftkey bra remove
Remove words from autocorreo / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to Adjust Vibration

Many settings on a smartphone go with the taste of the user, so often the default settings simply do not fit. For example, I hate sound and vibrations on the keyboard, this is one of the first changes I make to the keyboard. If you, like me, don't want any kind of sound or vibration, disable them in the keyboard settings.

Path: hamburger menu> more> typing> sound and vibration

swiftkey bra vibration
SwiftKey brings sound and vibration by default / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: Changing the Length of Long Clicks

Long clicks serve, for example, to access the numbers at the top of the first line keys. To save you time, the SwiftKey team has created an option that lets you program the exact time the keyboard needs to interpret the click and show additional characters. We often save time with a slightly shorter click.

Path: hamburger menu> more> typing> keys> long press duration

swiftkey bra duration
Save time with this setup / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to Split the Keyboard

If you were a BlackBerry user, this topic will be interesting. SwiftKey lets you split the keyboard in two, very handy when using thumbs to type. In addition, setting the layout to compact allows you to use it with just one hand.

Path: hamburger menu> layout> thumb

swiftkey thumb bra
Change keyboard layout / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to Download Keyboard Themes

One of the latest features of SwiftKey is the ability to use all themes and free downloadable paid packages, allowing you to further customize your keyboard. To download these theme packs, simply log in to the SwiftKey Store.

Path: hamburger menu> more> themes> more themes

swiftkey bra themes
Download themes and customize your keyboard for free / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

You can also change the theme and access the SwiftKey Store from the keyboard itself.

Path: hamburger menu> second tab (customize icon)

swiftkey bra layout
You can access SwiftKey themes from your own keyboard / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to Add Arrow Keys to Swiftkey

On a tablet with the larger screen, this option is very useful. On a smartphone it can also help, especially if we are in landscape mode. Having arrows like a computer keyboard greatly enhances the writing experience. That way, we don't need a surgeon to correct some details in the middle of a sentence already written.

Path: hamburger menu> more> typing> keys> arrow keys

SwiftKey Tips: How to See Typing Efficiency

A particularly interesting feature of this application is the variety of statistics that are created through each user's writing habits. Part of this information can be obtained through the typing heatmap feature, a good way to know the most common errors or which letters you use most.

Path: hamburger menu> more> typing heatmap

swiftkey bra heatmap
Check out which lyrics you use the most / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: How to use annimo mode

Just as we have the incognito mode in Allo, Chrome and Telegram application chats, for example, we will now have a version with greater privacy, just on a keyboard. SwiftKey's incognito mode will not save information about everything you type using the keyboard. That is, will not learn from the user.

Path: hamburger menu> Incognito

swiftkey incognito bra
Use incognito mode and leave no trace of typing / Screenshot: AndroidPIT

SwiftKey Tips: Try the SwiftKey Beta

Like many Android apps, SwiftKey has a beta version. As part of the Google Play Store beta program, you can try out the app's new features before they reach the official app. As the beta version runs in parallel with the official version, you don't have to worry about keeping both apps on your device.

SwiftKey Beta
Install on Google Play

These were my tips for using SwiftKey. What other role do you assign to members of our community?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all the tips and tricks for the Swiftkey keyboard. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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