Swiftkey gets Cloud function and gets 50% off the Play Store

Swiftkey gets Cloud function and gets 50% off the Play Store

O SwiftKey 4.2 finally arrives Play Store for phones and tablets. After a month of testing beta and several updates, the function of Cloud It now offers the ability to synchronize personal dictionaries across devices across the cloud. In practical terms, users no longer need to re-educate the keyboard every time they change handsets.

Swiftkey 4 2
Swfitkey now with cloud sync function! / AndroidPIT

Swfitkey Cloud uses Google account for authentication and, in addition to sync predictions, can also periodically download high-striking phrases on social networks, users Gmail and RSS feeds. Another plus point is that the cloud synchronizes information very well between tablets and phones, despite the existence of two independent versions of the software. This is because sync is linked to your Google account, not the name of the APK package.

With SwiftKey 4.2 Android users still have the following improvements:

  • Better contextual forecasting: SwiftKey will recognize the type of field you are entering and suggest more relevant forecasts. For example, a contact field will learn contact names over time as they are entered;
  • Intelligent learning: recognizes deliberate actions such as the use of punctuation;
  • Faster contact search: the keyboard will now emphasize what was previously entered in the "name" field;
  • Fast return to previously entered search terms: Words previously used in URL fields will be remembered in the predictions;
  • New physical keyboard configurations: including spacebar and punctuation settings;
  • Improved Layouts for Russian and Ukrainian;
  • New layouts for Bulgarian, French and Swedish;
  • Improved layout settings
  • "" key removed from the keyboard when the user is entering a URL (at the request of users).

The interesting and curious part of this update is that Swiftkey has made a "launch promotion" for Google Play Store users. The company put the apps for both variants at half price on the Android market, as well as on the Amazon Appstore.

Now, those who already have the App and have upgraded, please answer me if they could access the cloud sync, because I'm trying all day and still nothing, always appears the error message below:

Swiftkey Error
I want to rely on Swiftkey Cloud, but there is always an error, what about? / AndroidPIT

What about, do you use the Swiftkey keyboard app? Have you accessed the new Cloud function? What did you think of the feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Updated at 1:18 pm – After nearly eight hours of trying, I was able to enable the sync feature of my Swiftkey cloud dictionaries:

Swiftkey cloud test

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