Swift Playgrounds, Procreate, Vectornator, and GoPro apps are updated with news

Swift Playgrounds, Procreate, Vectornator, and GoPro apps are updated with news

Some of the top iPad programming / design / design apps have been updated recently, with lots of new features and even new interfaces. Are we going to them?

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds app icon

Apple's educational programming app for iPads, the Swift Playgrounds, was updated this week with some interesting news. Among them, users can now access and download third party content more easily, and use new gestures to select codes more precisely.

Swift Playgrounds 2.2

In addition, Ma has improved the appeal “What's Next” (“What Comes For A”), which suggests new playgrounds for users to try and offer smarter suggestions. The onscreen keyboard has also been updated or rather reworked, and now more predictably shown / hidden.

Other news from this update include new robot programming teachings (such as TJBot and Mekamon), new content gallery with all playgrounds and better compatibility with the Files app (Files).

The Swift Playgrounds app is available for free on the iPad App Store and is designed for kids and adults to learn to program through a variety of fun and educational project activities. “Everybody Can Code” (“Programming For All”) from Apple.


Procreate app icon

Do you remember the Procreate? The popular drawing app that helped a magazine illustrator New yorker migrating from paper to iPad received the second major update this year, adding some good news.

In this update, the “Crop and Resize” option has been improved and can be accessed from the “Actions” menu; The gallery has gained the “Preview” feature to display full screen illustrations, also available in “Selection” or “Stack” view mode. In addition, the new feature QuickShape allows you to create various geometric shapes by drawing a shape to hold it, press when done plotting.

Procreate 4.2

Other new features include “Crop Masks” to control the visibility of the bottommost layer; new shape selections to quickly select areas of the screen with ellipses or rectangles and improved stroke narrowing, which give you precise control over the amount of narrowing.

In the release notes of the update, it was also noted that Procreate is fully compatible with the latest iOS versions and all Apple iPads and accessories, such as the first and second generation Apple Pencil, the app also works with Logitech. Crayon. Procreate is available for iPads on the App Store for $ 15.


Vectornator X app icon - Vector Art

Like Procreate, the vector drawing app Vectornator It has also been updated with big news unlike the first one, it also compatible with iPhone. In this update, it has been completely redesigned to allow quick access to the color picker, template libraries, and document styles.

In addition, the app now uses artificial intelligence to display the options and tools you use most on your desktop, but you can still access less commonly used features quickly and easily. The software has also come to recognize the created layers, automatically naming them so you don't lose focus on the job.

Several other fixes and improvements have also been added in this update. The Vectornator app is available for free from the App Store.


GoPro app icon

Although not an iPad-specific app, the GoPro For iOS has gained some news and improvements that are worth highlighting. Previously, it was possible to stream a video recorded by gadget live to YouTube; Now a new live stream health meter has been integrated to display video performance.

In addition, the HERO7 camera's average download speed has been improved and, with fewer steps, the transfer of QuikStories It also happens faster. It has also gained support for the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones, as well as improvements in cutter reliability.

The GoPro app is available for free download from the App Store. For the full version of the app, are charged $ 16.

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