Swift Playgrounds gains SwiftUI and Dark Mode support; App Store Connect, BBEdit and Plex are updated

And we are again with the most important recent updates from the App store! Let's take a look at them?

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds app icon

The Swift language teaching app has been updated with support for iPadOS 13 and some other news. For starters, the app now supports the new system's Dark Mode, adapting to your overall preference.

The introduction of Dark Mode has also improved the course. Learn to Code In the new version, an additional phase asks you to help Byte and his friends explore the night world while the dark theme is enabled in the app.

In addition, we now support the framework SwiftUI, announced by Apple in the last WWDC. The new version of Swift Playgrounds already includes, as expected, Swift 5.1 and the iOS 13 SDK.

App Store Connect

App Store Connect app icon

Meanwhile, the app where developers can check and manage their apps available on the App Store has come to version 1.4 with iOS / iPadOS 13 Dark Mode support, which is especially important in an all-white app like App Store Connect, by the way. We also have, as usual, bug fixes and privacy enhancements.


Plex app icon


in Plex Inc.

Version 6.4.1 (255.1 MB) Requires the iOS 9.3 or superior

The media manager, in turn, has added a very useful new feature for those who like to watch live TV: it is possible to watch programming normally and, at the same time, schedule their next recording directly from player. The news is available on iOS and tvOS.

Professional spectators, celebrate! Now iOS and Apple TV users can watch live TV while scheduling their next recordings without missing any detail. Check out the details here.


BBEdit app icon

Finally, Bare Bones Software's code editor arrived 13th edition with a lot of news. To get started, we support macOS Mojave / Catalina Dark Mode, which makes the experience of creating your digital art even more tranquil in the eyes.

The new edition of BBEdit also deepens in the so-called Expressions Grep This allows you to type words or phrases into the search field and the software will be in charge of finding appropriate results both literally (ie, matching exactly what you typed) and regularly (interpreting your words and displaying the corresponding results). ).

A new window called “Pattern Playground”, lets you try the patterns Grep In an interactive interface with this, you can see the result of your creations in real time, significantly reducing the trial and error process. Several other news involving the expressions Grep were added in this update; You can read about them all on this page.

BBEdit 13 costs, on the Bare Bones Software website, $ 50 in individual licensing. Users of app version 12.x can upgrade for $ 30, while those who purchased the software on version 11.x or earlier can purchase the new version for $ 40. You can also upgrade any version purchased from the Mac App Store for $ 40.

But, it's worth noting, much of its features work in its free version, more than enough for a lot of people.