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Swift Playgrounds 3.0 brings new challenges and features; Nubank, TweetDeck and Tripsy are updated

And we're back with the most important cool app updates from the App Store! Let's take a look at them below.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds app icon

The Swift language learning app for kids (but not just them) has come to version 3.0 with a lot of interesting news. Want an example? You can now add your own shared Swift files to a playground by enhancing collaborations and code is available for all pages of your playground book.

We have new playgrounds to show you how to use language to create cameras and photo editors, and a new challenge, called Workshop Sica, which uses Swift to create a sound stage with its own instruments. Other new features include a feature that gives more space to the code or simple drag-and-drop viewing in the middle of the screen, as well as including all code errors in a single window.

It is worth remembering that, from this version, Swift 5 is the standard language version throughout the created content.


Nubank app icon

The app of fintech National has gained a very cool news for NuConta users: the ability to save money in a separate portion of the account, for those who want to save.

As well as the money stored in NuConta Principal, the amount saved also yields at the rates offered by the company. In addition, version 7.1.12 of the Nubank app fixes a bug related to some users' certificate of authentication.


App icon TweetDeck by Twitter

The preferred Twitter client for advanced network users has gained a new interface in the compose window. tweets, with integration with the bird's GIF library, emoji browser, support for tags and image descriptions, and the ability to add post polls.

What's more, TweetDeck's two most recent updates for macOS are focused primarily on bug fixes: Fixed loose ends in the way the app handles opening links, as well as bugs in integrating Dark Mode with macOS preferences. Mojave An error that prevented login and logout of users with two-factor authentication enabled has been fixed.


Tripsy app icon

The trip planning application, already highlighted by us previously, has added a nice feature: trip sharing between friends, where everyone can add and edit activities.

In addition, Tripsy version 1.3.1 brings its own Share Extension This can include activities to plan your trip from a variety of apps, such as Maps, Google Maps, Booking, Yelp, Foursquare, and more, as well as web pages; just open the sharing menu and locate Tripsy by l.