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Swarm Brings City Halls Back

Probably one of the most fun features of Foursquare in the old days was the City halls. When the app was split in two, the verse dedicated to check-ins has lost these functions. For now the Swarm brought back the City Halls!

swarm mayor
The City Halls are back. / ANDROIDPIT

The return of City Halls had been announced a month ago by Foursquare, and the rules are as follows: the Mayor of the place the person who does the most chekins in the last 30 days, worth 1 chekin per day. In the event of a tie, the current Mayor retains the title. Foursquare Town Halls will not be recovered, but the checkins of the last 30 days count from today.

Swarm is on version 2015.06.22 and occupies about 33MB of space.

Install on Google Play

Now it remains to be seen whether these changes will bring users back, as many have given up on the application after the split between Foursquare and Swarm.

Does anyone here still use Swarm?

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