Swapp offers quick and useful shortcuts for those using Mac OS X with multiple monitors

Creator of a utility that CmdVees has already made indispensable for me, Wuonm launched a few days ago, on the Mac App Store, Swapp. This is great for those who use the Mac with a second monitor, which can be an Apple Cinema Display or even an iPad (using a special app, of course).

Swapp - Mac

As its name implies, Swapp offers quick shortcuts for you to switch windows from one monitor to another. It is possible to play everything at once, just the windows of the active program or just the front window in which you are working. It even has a black list (blacklist) internal, allowing you to prevent apps from being affected in exchange.

Swapp requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher and costs $ 5 on the App Store.

(via MacStories)