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SUSE Expands Open Source Software Education Worldwide

Present in over 400 organizations, SUSE Academic Program prepares open source developers to meet the new demands of the digital economy.

SUSE is expanding its support for the next generation of open source software developers through the global growth of the SUSE Academic Program.

  SUSE Expands Open Source Software Education Worldwide

The program is preparing industry developers from all industries to meet the changing demands of the digital economy by providing open source knowledge, training materials and a low-cost learning solution procurement project for the educational community.

Founded in May 2017, the SUSE Academic Program has grown dramatically and already includes more than 400 universities, schools, libraries and other academic institutions. The program has also increased its resources and aims to double its number of participants over the next six months.

"SUSE has been an advocate of open source education, and our existing links to academia have allowed us to work with a large number of schools in a short period of time."says Sander Huyts, vice president of SUSE and leader of the Academic Program.

"We are committed to developing open source skills and education at the academic level because we consider them critical to the long-term health of our industry. They are fundamental elements for modern technology. We will continue to increase resources and support to ensure open source continues to thrive., complements.

The demand for skills in open source it is on the rise and increasing every year. According to the Open Source Jobs Report (Open Source Jobs Report 2018) by the Linux Foundation, hiring open source talent is a priority for 83% of hiring managers, which represents an increase of 76% over 2017.

O Program Academic SUSE offers a variety of services to meet the demand for talent and advanced open source knowledge. These include training for Linux certification and other courses, student curriculum materials for teachers and staff, free SUSE products for educational or laboratory use, a special SUSE procurement program for educational institutions, development tools, and database access. knowledge, forums and technical support.

SUSE Academic Program Participants

The program of SUSE It is positively impacting the lives of educators and students around the world, including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Czech Technical, San Diego State, British Columbia, and New York College of Technology.

"Our university has been using the multi-student program as part of the curriculum for system specialists for internal teaching and learning purposes."reports Werner Degenhardt, academic director and CIO of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

"We love the program. It's very easy to apply and it has already brought us excellent results"

"The materials provided in the Academic Program are very impressive. I am using the program to develop a lab for students to install a small cloud and incorporate SUSE OpenStack Cloud into our operating system theory discipline."comments Philip Chee, computer science technologist and professor at Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

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