Survey shows very high satisfaction rate among early adopters of the iPhone X, but Siri…

In the unusual, in keynotes for launching iPhones, we see Tim Cook bragging about the satisfaction rate the device. A company that usually makes these surveys at Creative Strategies, which has just published some interesting data focused on early-adopters iPhone X.

Overall, the device's satisfaction rate corresponds, with a small margin of error, to one already presented by Apple: Creative Strategies raised a total of 97% of people who gave a thumbs up to the iPhone X, and the most surprising that 85% (!) said they were “very satisfied” with it. Comparatively, at the time of the launch of the first Apple Watch, they also obtained 97% satisfaction, but only 66% were really “very satisfied”.

The coolest thing about the survey, however, is the resource satisfaction graph. Check it out:

Satisfaction survey with iPhone X ownersClick / tap to enlarge.

Virtually everything rated excellent on the iPhone X, including design, performance, quality photos, screen, new gesture navigation (congratulations to everyone involved in this transition), Face ID (idem), battery life (uia!) and even O feeling his hand without a case.

The thing starts to drop a little when we get to Portrait Mode (which Apple still classifies as “beta”, good to remember), take a dip when we talk about this Portrait Mode specifically for selfies and the, my friends, plummets for real when it comes to Crab. And that is not new to anyone, of course.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of respondents by Creative Strategies are from the United States, and part of Europe. In other words, we are not even dealing here with a scenario like that of the Brazilian Siri, which is significantly worse than its American version.

Apple, for God's sake: d, as soon as possible, that store bath at Siri. The last thing we want / need in it, now, are new jokes. 😏

via Daring Fireball