Survey shows that 74% of apps that reach # 1 on the App Store do not last even a month in the “Top 25”

Imagine the glory and honor of a developer who manages to put an application on number 1 on the most downloaded list of App Store, one of the largest and most popular stores in the segment in the world. Now adjust your expectations according to the results of this Sensor Tower: according to the data, the life of most of the apps that reach the top of Ma's app store is nothing but glorious, much less easy.

Sensor Tower survey of applications reaching number 1 on the App Store

According to the firm's survey, 74% of the apps that reached # 1 did not last, after the fact, not one month among the 25 most downloaded in the store and only 8% of them continued on this list three months after conquering the top of the App Store world. The survey based on the 53 applications that reached the first place in the App Store between 2015 and 2016, and, in this universe, the great victors answer by the names of Color Switch, Bitmoji and Snapchat. These three titles managed to remain in the Top 25 for 138, 231 and 354 days since the event the last two remain on the list.

Sensor Tower survey of applications reaching number 1 on the App Store

This other graph shows that most applications (69%, to be exact) does not even last 20 days in Top 25 after reaching number 1; only 13% of them reaches more than 61 days on the list.

The conclusion of the Sensor Tower is clear: if reaching the top of the App Store is difficult, it is often more difficult to maintain relevance and visibility after the fact; apparently, the most viable way to build a successful title is not to focus exclusively on the app store lists, but to use ways to optimize your search placement and work with Apple to find ways to promote your work, updating apps whenever to work with the latest technologies released by Ma.

(via Cult of Mac)