survey proves why it is still so difficult to find AirPods in stores

98% satisfaction: survey proves why it is still so difficult to find AirPods in stores

When I said that AirPods were ?the coolest Apple product in recent years?, some thought I was overreacting. Well, a survey released today shows that no.

In partnership with Experian, Creative Strategies interviewed 942 AirPods owners and was surprised by the product’s satisfaction rate.

AirPods satisfaction survey

As shown in the graph above, 98% of consumers are satisfied with Apple wireless headphones 82%, very satisfied! Comparatively, at the time of their respective launches, the iPhone (in 2007) had 92%, the iPad (in 2010) had 92% and the Apple Watch (in 2015) had 97%. Yes, AirPods have just broken a record.

The research went further and analyzed all this satisfaction according to the AirPods’ recharge time, the design of its case, the pairing process via Bluetooth, the battery life, comfort and how safe they are in the ear. Check out:

AirPods satisfaction survey

When asked to explain why they gave AirPods such high marks, respondents used a lot of words like ?fit?, ?magic?, ?sound quality?, ?convenience?, ?love?, ?good sound? and ?autonomy of drums».

More important than that, analyst Ben Bajarin pointed out, was the Net Promoter Score of AirPods this is the average of 0 to 10 for how much someone would be likely to recommend them to others. He managed 7.5, while the iPhone has 7.2. Just to give you an idea, experts say that an NPS above 5 is already «excellent» and anything above 7 is «first line». The industry’s overall / global average is 3.9.

No wonder, my friends, that months after the launch the AirPods still have a six week shipping deadline (!), either by consulting the Brazilian Apple website or the American one. I don’t even remember any iPhone taking that long to balance its supply with demand.

(via Tech.pinions)