Survey points out that we are paying less for calls

Amid a barrage of negative news comes a good one where we can least expect it. The amount paid per minute of call per mobile phone fell by 29% in 2015. On average, the Brazilian pays 10 cents per minute of call. But what has changed in a year?

At Telebrasil's request, consultancy Teleco surveyed the price of telephone calls in the country. In 2014 we paid $ 0.14 per minute. In 2015, the value decreased to R $ 0.10 on average. The bill was made by summing the revenue of all calls divided by the number of minutes of calls made.

This fall is the result of intense competition between companies

According to Telebrasil's note, the decrease in the average amount paid per minute was only possible thanks to the intensification of the competition and the investment in infrastructure;

This fall is the result of intense competition between companies and high investments made by private providers, which allowed the expansion of networks and the possibility of access to an increasing number of Brazilians. "

The survey also found a drop in the amount paid for calls between operators – those where different networks are used. In this case, the decrease is even smaller, 33%, with the cost per minute dropping from $ 0.15 to $ 0.10 on average.

For comparison, in 2011 the price per minute between different carriers was $ 0.56.

In the coming years, value of calls by cell phone should cost $ 0.02 a minute

The decrease in value had an impact on invoice value. In 2015, 20% less spending was spent compared to the previous year. By contrast, mobile data spending increased slightly by 3.4%.

Anatel expects that in the coming years the cost of calls will decrease further, reaching around R $ 0.02 per minute.

This is rather an interesting competition for the consumer, who increasingly uses voice calls for messaging applications.

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