Information from Apple vendors reveals alleged details of his tablet, including start of production

Survey: one in five consumers is interested in Apple tablet

What Apple's brand power and expectation: Even without any official announcement or confirmation that it would be developing this product, 21% of 3,100 people who responded to a RBC Capital / ChangeWave survey said they were already interested in a Ma tablet, if it whatever it has been said for and falls in the price range between $ 500 and $ 700.

By comparison, in April 2007 a similar survey showed that only 9% of respondents were interested in the iPhone, and that was three months after Steve Jobs introduced it to the world, but before it hit the market.

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"This positive preliminary interest illustrates the market opportunity for a Mac-based tablet," said Mike Abramsky, an analyst at RBC. The arrival of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was also very positive for the Apple brand, he said.

The survey also found that 25% of consumers bought a Mac laptop in the past 90 days, compared to 18% in July, a growth justified by falling prices on MacBooks and promotion back to school. Among desktops, the number was 17%, against 12% in April.

In a parallel survey, 30% of 4,200 participants said they already have an iPhone, compared to 25% in June. RBC projects that Apple will gain an overall 2% share of the cell phone market this year, with 22.8 million devices sold. At 2012, your market share double, reaching 54.7 million iPhones sold.

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Mike believes that momentum sales of Macs and iPhones are up, so today announced an increase in the target price of Apple papers to $ 250. This morning, AAPL is up 1.08%, quoted at US $ 186.48.

(Via: AppleInsider.)