Survey indicates that version 9.3 is “the most stable” of iOS in recent years

Apart from the terrible link problem solved yesterday by update .1, we have not heard almost any complaints about the iOS 9.3. And a survey done by Apteligent corroborates this: the last verse really seems to be the most stable iOS in years.

As shown in the graph above, Apteligent analyzes crash rates (crash) in apps and the operating system as a whole since iOS 8 ie, encompassing version 8.4.1 (which many choose to have been the best of recent times).

The average failure rate of iOS 9.3 from last week to here was only 2.2%, below, for example, the 2.6% of the current version 6.0 “Marshmallow” of Android. In comparison, past versions of iOS reached a rate of 3.2%.

The adoption of iOS 9.3 is also accelerating, according to Apteligent. The firm estimates that 50% of users will already be running it by April 14. S out of curiosity, among readers of , in the last three days iOS 9.3 (.1) already represents almost 80% of the total.

Of course, problems still exist and there must certainly be cases of people not satisfied with iOS 9.3. But it is a fact that in general the thing is very nice, and we hope that we will not go back on this issue when iOS 10 comes.

(via Apple World Today)