Survey: 71% of college students prefer Mac over PC

The choice for a computer goes from researching the available models to post-purchase in their daily use. Currently, the division of these devices (desktops and notebooks) predominantly filled by Macs and PCsSo it is natural that they are compared more often.

In this sense, the Jamf (Apple's device management company) yesterday released the result of a survey that investigated the popularity of Macs / PCs among college students, analyzing the preference of this consumer group focused on the job market.

Of the more than 2,000 college students interviewed, about 71% said they use or prefer Mac over PC. More precisely, 40% of participants already use Ma computers, while 60% use PCs of which 51% would prefer the Mac if costs were disregarded.

Students who said they prefer Mac over PC offered several different reasons, including ease of use, reliability, data synchronization across devices, and so on.

  • Ease of Use: 59%
  • Reliability: 57%
  • Sync: 49%
  • Intuitivity: 58%
  • Durability: 50%
  • Encourages productivity: 40%

About 64 percent of respondents, on the other hand, simply stated that they "liked the brand," while 60 percent preferred the Mac for its "style and design."

In addition, 83% of students currently using Macs for academic purposes said they would continue to use it at work. Regarding the use of computers in the job market, more precisely, 67% of respondents said they would like to be able to choose between a Mac or PC in companies.

When asked which brand offers the highest value, 43% of PC students chose the Mac, despite the higher price; Meanwhile, 80% of Mac users said these devices offer the most value.

The above data, obtained by the company Vanson Bourne, were collected from college students from five countries to find out to what extent technological choices influence career decisions; check here the full search (PDF).

via MacRumors